Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Badger's Busy Day Preview

I am excited to announce the soon to be released children's book
Badger's Busy Day
Book Two of The Badger Book Series
by Barbara K. Tyner and Laura K. Johnston
Illustrated by Gail Ross
Published by Mother's House Publishing
For more information about The Badger Books
Here's a sneak peek inside this delightful story!
Watercolor © 2009

We like them tall, we like them short,
We like them skinny and the fat ones that snort.
Watercolor © 2009
If you lived on a farm, just where would you sleep,
In the barn full of horses, cattle and sheep?
Watercolor © 2009
A Tractor on the Farm
Watercolor © 2009

At night, with no light, baby chicks take no flight...
Watercolor © 2009
Now I’m a tired pup, so I lie down and curl up...
Watercolor © 2009